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a backbone
June 28, 2006, 3:22 pm
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I’ve only been a public librarian for a short time so far, so I do speak with some of that “newbie” arrogance, and I’m completely aware of it. With that said, I remained focused throughout my Drexel time on library service to immigrants in various forms. I think its important and seems to be a good place to begin applying my broader interests pertaining to the library and public service.

I knew that the immigrant issue was a ticking time-bomb of sorts below the surface some time ago — but little did I expect for it to explode so suddenly into the public consciousness as soon as it did.

I was happy to see that the Pew Charitable Trusts Hispanic Center published important data pertaining to the characteristics of immigrants in America today. I will link to the original pdf’s later (since I’m enjoying a lull in the chaos on the ref desk right now). Here’s some of the stats that I noted a few weeks ago:

From the report entitled Size and Characteristics of the Unauthorized Migrant Population in the U.S.:

    About 7.2 million of the unauthorized population were employed in March of 2005, amounting to 4.5% of the total civillian labor force. However, they are :

24% of the total workers in farming occupations.

17% of the total workers in cleaning

14% of the total workers in construction

12% of the total workers in food preparation

The following is from the Pew Hispanic Center and Kaiser Family Foundation public opinion poll of 2003/2004:

 Latino immigrants are slightly (57%) more likely to say that immigrants have to learn English than native born Latinos (52%). This is held constant irregardless of education or income.

 Foreign born Hispanics are more fervent that English be taught to immigrant children compared with native born Hispanics (96% to 88%).

Like I said, I’ll post the actual links when I get the chance!


A beginning
June 26, 2006, 2:57 pm
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Once, when the well known and award winning librarian blogger Joyce Valenza spoke to my Resources for Yound Adults class at Drexel University, she told us not to write until we had found our “voice” in blogging. In my opinion, a persons’ blog shouldn’t simply be another aggregator. Additionally, I don’t know how much commentary or editorializing is too much. To be honest, I don’t know if I have that much to say.

With that said, I’m giving it a whirl. I’ve come to WordPress after using it on two projects in the past: 1) BigStereo and 2) Firsts. I was using Mac’s iLife software and my .mac account to play around with blogging for a little while but don’t have as many opportunities to post when I use that eventhough, (hush) I prefer it’s interface! I don’t use macs at work, so my potential blogging time was limited to home only, which simply isn’t all that convenient. I should give iLife and .mac amazing praise though (and probably will continue to do so) because I do use both to maintain my professional portfolio and my iDisk (although I won’t tell anyone where they are found!)

   So here I am wordpress. Its going to be interesting while I learn how to import my RSS feeds and stuff like that. I’m forcing myself to stick with this now because I feel like I “talk the talk but don’t walk the walk” as I am a vocal advocate of new media and web 2.0 in the workplace and in everyday life.

   To begin, I want to lay down my goals of maintaining a blog, which of course is an absolutly pointless task and busy-work. However, I’m not ready to do that quite yet. So give me a week or two and I’ll produce some kind of a mission statement on what  plan to do with this and what I plan to cover.

about me
June 26, 2006, 2:57 pm
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For someone who is trying to be a promoter of information, I sure lack a lot of it about myself. I’m not a big photo person and rarely have a variety of photos of myself. So that is that. I end up using the same photo for everything. Someone take new pictures of me please!

I’m currently a public librarian at the Levittown branch of the Bucks County Free Library System. I’m considered part-time reference staff and although I’ve been in the position for a relatively short amount of time, I feel like I have a more important role in my branch and I feel like I’ve been there for some time. That is important to know. I would love to have more time to do my work at my library (hint, hint).

I just completed my Master of Science degree in library science from the Information School at Drexel University in early June of this year. I entered the program wanting to be (although I didn’t know there was a name for it at the time), an Outreach librarian for an urban public system. Early in my degree program I fluctuated between fields: sometimes I wanted to be an academic librarian, sometimes something else, sometimes not a librarian at all. Those times reinforced, along with a stint at a research library, what I’d really like to do and what I really should do: be a public librarian. Which is what I do now. I just want to do it full time and you know, be able to go to the dentist once in awhile (I will stop beggining now).

Periodically, I will post some thoughts on some of the major assignments that I completed in my coursework, because they are each important to me and really important to understanding who I am as a budding professional.

I reside in center city Philadelphia, in the G-HO section of the city (although some will debate that I actually reside in Fitler. but I don’t care, either are great. maybe I live in G-HO-ilter Square? Nah….)